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So what do you think happened over the last few weeks? Is it the player or the coaches who made some radical change to take a guy from being so bad he wasn't allowed on the field after an injury to he's now playing tackle and the Ben had the most time to throw of any of the 6 games and it's not even close.

I'm glad be beat expectations and hope it continues but there's something awfully odd with this situation.
I'll give you the answer in one word ... BEN

All of a sudden he realizes that if he gets the throw off in 2 seconds then the defense has to back off. Once the defense backs off he can get back to "Ben ball". This also opens up the running game because the opponent doesn't always have 8 in the box. The way Ben played in the 2nd half of the Jets game changes the way defenses attack us. They can't just overwhelm our line anymore by sending the house. Ben gets the ball away too quickly for that to work.

I hope Ben continues to play this way. I think he can be extremely successful in this system but I'm still not sure we have the talent surrounding him to take us anywhere.