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Thread: CHOKELAND , who's going??

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    CHOKELAND , who's going??

    Well this is going to be the first football game I'm attending.. and the first time watching our beloved BLACK N GOLD.. Im going up in a caravan of busses by myself with strangers.. talk about an adventure.. I got alot of Steeler friends going up and even some Raider folk.. I heard some bad stories and good ones up on that crappy stadium...

    Anyone else from the board going up there? any tips/stories to share about that dump? I heard about the restroom stories etc..

    I'll be there in LOT B (RV LOT) tomorrow morning at 8am.. were leaving 2nite from Los Angeles at 11pm..
    I got an all u can eat tail gate bbq thingy at 9am. I would like to meet as many Steeler fans as I can up there..

    Here's my number.. (626)848-1558 Peter

    Black N' Gold Til' I'm Dead N' Cold...
    We don't have any cheerleaders but we do have a few of these \m/...

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    Have a great game.

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    Sounds like fun enjoy your first game

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