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    I am not advocating that the wildcat become a mainstay in the repertoire, but don't Ben's comments lead nicely towards a setup at a critical point to load Ben inside of AB with Heath inside on one side. We could use AB on a medium slant to draw his cover corner plus the safety. Heath occupies the middle by just making himself visible to the D thus drawing attention. Ben's words basically said: a DB could try to exploit the situation and get into the backfield quickly seeing me as a non-threat. So, if the corner sells out, you hit Ben with open sideline on the outside a la that #7 from Denver.

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    Ben had a few things to say about the wildcat:
    I hear you don’t like the wildcat.
    [Laughs] It’s not that I don’t like it. If it helps us win, I’m all for it. I just told Coach, I get actually physically tired running out to wide receiver all the time.

    Can they take a free shot at you out there?
    They can. I’m a little bigger than those defensive backs. I wouldn’t want them to try it. [Laughs]

    Are you watching for that when you’re out there?
    No, last week I think it was so confusing – I know a couple times the defensive back over me didn’t know what to do, if he should cover me, if he should run in. So, I’ll be alert for it. If a guy comes up and he looks like he’s about ready to hit me, I’ll protect myself.

    When was the last time you caught a pass?
    I don’t know. It’s been awhile, but I’m ready.

    They once threw a pass out of that formation to Neil O’Donnell.
    They need to throw it to me, but closer to the end zone so I don’t have to run very far. [Laughs]

    You can read the rest here- [URL][/URL]


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