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They could. And it doesnt necessarily have to be the Cardinals that match of for the Steelers in a trade. But if you will recall, the Arizona Cardinals tried that route recently, with Matt Leinart. It didnt work. And their current head coach is Ben's old (successful), offensive coordinator. One would think he may lean on the overpay side for a QB he has actually won a super bowl with.
I understand what you are saying Dub ... and I agree. Let me add to your argument on why the Cardinals would be a good fit to overpay. They are a team on the rise ... both offensively and defensively. The key piece they are missing is a great QB. Somebody who could make Fitz valid again. That would be very attractive to them.

Now for our side ... and I think what a lot of you are missing ... is we get a boatload for Ben. If Carson Palmer is worth 2 first rounders then Ben is worth that plus a 2nd rounder at least. I don't think we could get a quality player from them because that would defeat their whole purpose. I also think we can trade Pouncey for a 2nd rounder, throw in Sanders for a 3rd rounder. That would mean for the 2014 draft we would have 2 first rounders, 3 second rounders and 2 third rounders (Wallace compensation). Look to 2015 and we have 2 first rounders. That is a ton of quality picks in the next couple of years.

Of course all of this depends on identifying a franchise QB to replace Ben and being able to draft said QB. Then with the other picks we can strengthen the areas we are lacking like LT and a Free Safety, and a Corner, and a physical Receiver, etc. It would also give us time to put some of the young guys on the field right now, take our lumps, and see what we have with them.

I know some think you never give up a SB winning QB like Ben but if we keep going the way we are now the best Ben can get us to is 9-7. He will finish out his career on a mediocre team and tarnish everything he has done up to now.