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That is why you don't trade one. It is equally as hard to get inside the Top 10 to get one and hope you don't miss. BB has 4-5 good years left. I don't put as much weight on "taking hits" as the gullible public. When I see something that has an effect on his arm or head...Then I will start worrying. You want to consider the possibility of making a trade like this...You have one sitting in the wings you are sure of. The Steelers don't. Until that happens...This talk is just to pass the time.
I think it is a lock the Steelers get at least a top 5 pick this year. What are they looking at 4-12? 5-11? At best 6-10? This is why this is the time to do this.

Again, I will bet a grip of money that after this season is over, there will be a lot of Steeler fans seeing this topic differently.