After the goal line TD by the Bears, I thought Vince played with some fire. Does it really matter where he went to school and in what round he was drafted? I'm all for getting younger and with this season in peril, this is a great time to see what we have in Williams. He wouldn't be getting this experience and exposure with a healthy Foote. This will give the FO a indication if ILB is high on the draft priorities.

I think the comparisons to a vet like Foote are hard to do. Would he be a bigger asset this year in the defense? Yea, probably because he's a veteran to the league and with the team. On the other hand, not once have I thought to myself this year, "Oh man if only Foote was in there". Its a wash imo. Next year, let them fight it out in camp and the coaches will decide.

I wouldn't even play Spence this year. Why risk it? He's worked hard enough to get back, I would make triple sure he's ready to go. Yes......triple sure. You know how hard those pre-game warm ups are. Just ask Levi.