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I'm interested to see his situational intelligence. He's been watching this D and learning in the meetings for over a year now, but hasn't been able to actually play. Some guys seem to do very well with "mental reps." How quickly can he catch on?

I'm also interested to see if he may be a bit stronger than before. My understanding was that one of the "issues" around him in the past was that he wasn't particularly strong for an ILB. He's now had over a year in an NFL weight room, so I wonder if that changes things.
I was thinking the same thing. I remember reading (last year I think) about how he has been studying the D and spending a lot of time watching film with the coaches etc. so that he will have a full understanding.

If he can regain his quickness, timing, nerve, ability etc. then he should be able to step in. If he can't then he practices for three weeks then shuts it down for the rest of the year.