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Thread: No more flips into ez

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Whats the problem? Who does it hurt... how does it impact the team negatively?
    I've already stated what my problem is with it. I'm not sure if it "hurts" anyone. As I am not part of the organization or team I have no clue if any of them have a problem or if it's impacting them negatively. However, I doubt it.

    That in no way bars me from being of the opinion that it's stupid, as I stated above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh View Post
    Say what you want regarding my comment, and feel free to paint me as some sheet wearing racist if you feel you must, but I simply pointed something out I feel is a culture thing. If you see no difference between a guy doing a hand gesture after a TD and a guy doing full on front flips after a TD, or a guy doing nothing after an 8 yard first down vs. a guy stomping down field away from his team holding the ball out and going nuts for a simple first down then that is fine. There is a difference between celebrating in a normal manner at an appropriate time, and going completely over the top, and I think that is pretty apparent. I'd say I'm a realist, not a racist.

    Pointing out Jordy Nelson as a white dude that celebrates does nothing to disprove my statement. Ever hear of Eminem? Roll on up to Ross Park Mall on any given Saturday and I'll gladly point out half a dozen white kids walking around with their hats on cock-eyed with their pants sagging below their butts speaking in a manner that makes Lil' Wayne sound like James Earl Jones. White people do jump on in to trends that start as black culture whether its actions, clothing choices, rap, or rock n' roll.
    What black dude was Mark Gasteneau imitating when he basically INVENTED the signature "look at me" dance in the 80s? Joe Greene? Harvey Martin?

    Before him, there was NEVER a dude doing a planned routine celebration that became his signature.

    Every "black" player from Ickey Woods to Antonio Brown to discount doublecheck Rogers can point to Mark Gateneau as the originator of the signature celebration.

    And please don't make the setting an escape hatch for this point. Antonio doing a signature move on every stupid 8 yard catch is not a "black thing" it is a "Brown" thing. He is the only one doing it regardless of color.

    Whether black or white NFL showboats share one White Dude as a common heritage.

    Mark Gasteneau is the "Thomas Jefferson" of all NFL glory whores regardless of race.

    The author of this post is a black dude who cannot stand it when Brown does that moronic ball drop. Black players of MY generation werent doing that.

    Dont blame me and black culture for players who act like that.

    Dizz is right, it is generational more than anything.
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    I forgot about Mark Gasteneau... lol.

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    There were a few players prior to Gastineau that many may not remember, Billy "White shoes" Johnson did his wobbly knee (or whatever it's called) dance, Morris Stroud (I think) was dunking the ball in the 70s, and a few others that I can't recall. Gastineau's celebration was the worst of them all, it was pathetic, Johnson's dance after scoring a TD was pretty good, even though as a Steeler fan I saw it way too much. Didn't even think twice about Stroud dunking after scoring, he also would try and block long FG attempts if he thought the kicker barely had enough leg to make the kick.

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