Ok, Maybe I just don't have the correct information, but I am hoping one of you good Steeler's Faithful can help me.

SO... It is the 2nd quarter with 0:11 seconds left...Geno Smith makes a pass to Steven Hill. Hill catched the ball, gets absolutely drilled by Polamalu, drags on foot and his opposite hand on the turf. After review, they play is upheld as a completion. However, the clock stops. If his foot and hand are in bounds (which it sure seems to have been), shouldn't Hill have been down by contact...in Bounds? If this is the case, shouldnt the clock have been running directly after the ref made his decision? Or does this come with a free clock stoppage? The play ended with 0:06 seconds left I think. Yet the Jets were allowed to kick a field goal with a stopped clock? Something doesnt seem right here. Either he was in bounds and the clock should have ran....or he was out and it would have stopped. Thoughts?