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Thread: One thing I didn't see much of yesterday ... WR drops to put us in the hole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    freaking idiots celebrating a TD... sho hate it.
    A TD is something, not much, most teams do it 2 or 3 times a game, but it is something, it means more to the Steeler offense than other offenses, because the Steeler offense doesn't do it very much, so I can understand their excitement. Celebrate away, oh, and Sanders should certainly continue to do front flips onto his back, that was brilliant.


    1.25) Artie Burns - CB, Miami
    2.58 ) Sean Davis - S/CB, Maryland
    3.89) Javon Hargrave - DT, S. Carolina St.
    4.123) Jerald Hawkins - OT, LSU
    6.220) Travis Feeny - OLB, Wash
    7.227) Demarcus Ayers - WR, Hou
    7.246) Tyler Matakevich - OLB, Temple

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBR96A View Post
    For ****s and giggles, I'd like to see how much shorter the field is for the Broncos, Chargers, Cowboys, Falcons, Giants, Packers, Patriots, Ravens and Saints.
    You asked...and you shall receive. I googled "nfl average starting field position" and got this. If you scroll down to the second set of stats, the one we are looking for is "LOS/Dr" or line of scrimmage per drive. There is an offensive and defensive stat. To give us an idea, the top five offensive average starts with their record in brackets are:


    1 KC (6-0)
    2 Seattle (5-1)
    3 NO (5-1)
    4 NE (5-1)
    5 Ari (3-3)

    Sensing a trend? The only team below an .833 winning percentage is Arizona, and they are a surprise to be as good as 3-3.

    The bottom five:

    32 Pit (1-4)
    31 Was (1-4)
    30 Cin (4-2)
    29 TB (0-5)
    28 NYJ (3-3)


    1 NE
    2 KC
    3 NO
    4 Ari
    5 SD (3-3)

    and the worst

    32 NYG (0-6)
    31 Jax (0-soon to be 16)
    30 NYJ
    29 Cin
    28 Min (1-4)

    Our Steelers are 24th. Cincy may be 4-2 and near the bottom of these stats, but they were supposed to look like a SB team this year and they haven't. Other than that, I'd say that the numbers say a lot. This field position issue is an interesting and undervalued stat, and should be looked at with greater importance.


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