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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    That's a bad example. Haggans started off the season with a sack in the first 3 games. Then got hurt and Harrison came in and played well. Again, that was just 1 year and the Steelers ended up winning the Superbowl that year
    It is a GREAT example showing that your "it was not Harrison's natural position" reasoning is not valid. Harrison has a skillset that is suitable for either side. He excelled in either role. There was an opening on the right when Porter departed, so Harrison started opposite Haggins who remained on the left side. Had Haggins left and Porter remained, Harrison would have been on the left. When Woodley (who is definitely a left side ONLY guy) replaced Haggins a year later versatile Harrison stayed on the right.

    BC (who I like BTW) did not start Harrison because he underestimated his ability.

    My point is not to bash BC but to show that ALL coaches sometimes underestimate players.

    Dont like THAT linebacker example?

    How bout Mike Vrabel who languished on our bench until he because a key figure on those Pats championship teams?
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