2010 62.5% completion percentage, 2011 66.8% completion percentage, 2012 67.2% completion percentage, and so far in 2013 a 71.4% completion percentage.

4 years as a QB

11 INT's
44 times sacked
59 TD's
2 National Championships ( a 3rd on the way)

Level of competition? Highest in all of college football and maybe of all-time.

Size? 6 ft 3 to 6ft 4 215-220lbs

Arm strength? average to above average.

Accuracy? See completion percentages and INT's thrown



There's a bit of [URL="http://bleacherreport.com/peyton-manning"]Peyton Manning[/URL] in the way McCarron moves and throws. He's not on the same level as Manning, but you can see similarities in their movements. McCarron, like both Manning boys, has a tendency to bounce in the pocket when going through his progressions.
NFL coaches may want to change this—some do, others don't—but it has a very Manning-like quality to it.

McCarron's actual throwing motion has a nice, crisp, over-the-top motion to it. There's no wasted movement or hitches in his delivery. Clean and clear, just like you'd draw it up on paper.
When evaluating quarterback mechanics, I'm generally looking for three things: footwork, delivery and the shoulder-to-eyes coordination. You want all three to line up when the ball is being delivered, and McCarron does this very well. He's a natural thrower with textbook mechanics.