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Thread: Can I get a Cookie?!!

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    Can I get a Cookie?!!

    Not only are 3 of my Steeler mock draftees drafted by the Steelers, but they are also starters in their first year? Even better than that, they are starters in the first half of their rookie years!!!

    Yeah....I deserve a Cookie!!

    Steelers 2015 Draft???....Go Freak! As in....

    1-Bernardrick McKinney MLB Mississippi State 6 ft 5 250 4.5 40 yard dash

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    in a post in another thread i put in a totally unrelated comment it was---btw Dee Dub: One of your early draft picks last draft was absolutely spectacular in Sunday nights Cowboys Skins game. Terrance Williams. Did you not have him in your early drafts?

    Anyway even if not here he is a rookie doing great stuff. What's funny is that Markus Wheaton was continually outdoing him in the pre draft games. And well he is not getting many shots. But it is early and he is dinged up now but I expect to hear from him in the near future.

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    Got to give props where props are due...Well done!!!

    Now let's hope they continue to improve and make a positive impact on the team this year...We need all the help we can get....12-4 here we come...Hopefully this in not the last week we can say that...


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