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Thread: I thought this day would never come

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    San Antonio, shame you can look at one or two people in a crowd of hundreds or thousands and first use the word "typical". Typical denotes commonplace or occurring in high frequency. That is not typical, its a rarity. I have been at nealy 3 dozen TEA party rallies. My dear friend was at the famous rally (over year ago) where "fake" tea party members tried to carry signs and then were forced to leave. Thank God some enterprising citizen journalists (ID) exposed them as union thugs. However, since I have been stuck in (twice) and walked through 5 or 6 times the Occupy Wallstreet marches and rallies - its much more frequent and almost typical for socialists and communists to permeate these democrat grassroot groups. I guarantee most americans, given a choice, would run to the american loving TEA party rally than the lefts grass roots.

    With all respect, I wonder how long it will before you realize who the adults are and who keeps making more messes? San Antonio, what could possibly be wrong with running the govt like you (hopefully) run your personal life. If not for your own well being and what is moral - but for your kids, grand kids?

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    I hear you, lord (of six rings!), but this isn't Daily Kos or MSNBC reporting, it's CNN. I don't recall Occupy Wall Street people being so hateful, or the anti- Iraq war people being so hateful. Those are just vile things that they say are happening at the Tea Party Rally, and I read that sort of thing over and over again, enough to think that there's probably a strong element of accuracy to that kind of reporting.

    And then the moral bit, I have the strong feeling that the Tea Party's morality is of the "I've got mine, now leave me alone" type. If there were a little more expression of concern for helping those who can't care for themselves, I might be more receptive to their point of view.

    BTW - how do you get stuck in not one, or two, or even three or four, but FIVE Occupy Wall Street Marches and rallies? Do you have an iPhone and your map function is WAY broken?

    BTW - mods - is this maybe a good time to move this to the non-football part of the forum?
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    OPPPS, CNN isn't exactly a great thing to rely on. In my business, I take care of many execs homes in the ATL area. I shmooze with these elitists and not one yet, after 16 yrs met one, who is rt of center. NEVER. But that is not the point. Open your mind, see for yourself:





    To answer your question, stuck in the mess in large "well known city" other 5 or 6 were a couple college campuses attending relatives college graduation and awards. Have you ever read about the messes these DNC grassroots left in large cities - what they stuck the city in terms of bills??? And if you missed it, ask yourself, why didn't CNN tell me about that?

    Charity and programs are fine but they have to be paid for. You know what the single most popular tax proposal TEA party members support? The single most supported is the FAIR tax or a national sales tax. A tax that wipes out treating anyone different or special. A national sales tax is colorblind, religious - blind, age - blind, status - blind. It wants everyone to be treated equal. Hard to have I got mine, screw you attitude with that as your govt revenue model.
    Enjoyed the banter, I hope you have seen a different side than the slurs (politicians) and dishonesty that swirls the web. Go steelers

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    I've got to laugh about the number of people on this board who think they are informed about this govt shutdown, but are merely spewing what the liberal media are putting out there. The truth is, it isn't just the fault of the Republicans--it's them, AND the democrats, AND the President. J, sorry for what you're going through. Too bad you can't count on your government to help you.

    Here's a good article on the matter:

    Posted date October 5, 2013 - 10:15pm Updated October 6, 2013 - 10:44am
    Column: Blame 'em all for shutdown


    Here’s a good motto to guide you through normal American politics:
    “Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can change, and give me wine to accept the things I can’t.”
    After last week, I wouldn’t choose to live by this corrupted version of the serenity prayer. I’d end up a raging alcoholic.

    The government of the most powerful nation in the world shut down for no good reason as Republicans and Democrats twerked themselves into a partisan frenzy. The spectacle served no useful purpose other than to demonstrate the vacuum in leadership that exists first and primarily with President Barack Obama and secondarily with figures such as Sens. Ted Cruz and Harry Reid.

    Perhaps we have become an “ineptrocracy,” which is defined in the Urban Dictionary as “a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing.”

    Let’s start with the GOP. What a mess. Yes, a good many Republicans were elected to slow, stop or cut federal spending. I get that. In fact, I support that. But adopting a strategy with no end-game resulted in needless confrontation. They’re trying to draw an inside straight but betting like they hold a full house. It makes no sense.

    If this is what a Tea Party-guided government looks like, count me out. I’m not interested in bumper sticker retorts. I’m interested in better leadership and better government.

    Then there’s Reid, the majority leader. Don’t get me started on Harry Reid. First, he talked President Obama out of negotiating with Republicans. Reid told Obama that if the president dared to talk with Republicans, he would not attend the meeting.

    Reid then had a second chance to avert a shutdown, provided he’d agree to a one-year delay of the implementation of Obamacare and an end to the medical device tax. That deal would have been best for the country. But being the jackass he is, Reid gave it his standard partisan “nyet.” No leadership here. Move along.

    Then there’s Obama, perhaps the worst president since, I don’t know, you pick one.
    Jimmy Carter’s too easy. Franklin Pierce, maybe?

    Obama is most responsible for Washington’s failures because he is the president. He is the leader.
    Throughout his tenure, he has divided Americans by politics, skin color and bank account. Instead of being a leader who lifts us out of our partisanship — the kind of leader he promised to be during the 2008 campaign — Obama draws smaller and smaller circles around himself.

    Our president negotiated with terrorists in Iran. He acquiesced to the Russians on Syria. And while our government spun closer to shutdown, Obama played golf like a Florida retiree — 17 rounds since July 4. Nothing against golf, but in that span of time, he did exactly nothing — nada — to bring together the saner political forces and find a solution.

    That’s not leadership. That’s not even showing up.

    And I’m not the only one to call out the president for this leadership failure. Bob Woodward of The Washington Post correctly points out that if something bad happens to the economy as a result of the shutdown, the fault will be placed “on the president’s head.”

    “He’s got to lead,” Woodward says. “He’s got to talk. And the absence of discussion here, I think, is (a) baffling element.”

    I wouldn’t call it “baffling.” I’d call it par for the course.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, our president warned that a government shutdown could cause an economic collapse for America and the world. If he believed that, why didn’t he make an effort to prevent it? Why golf? Why not talk with Republicans, who are his fellow Americans? Instead, he opted to guarantee a shutdown.

    So did the Republicans. And so did Harry Reid.

    I blame ’em all.

    Sherman Frederick, former publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and member of the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame, writes a column for Stephens Media. Read his blog at [URL=""][/URL].

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanAntonioSteelerFan View Post
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    And that is with the '09 spending all attributed to Obama, that's like blaming the fireman for water damage.

    Don't do that. Their heads will explode and they'll ruin the carpet.

    Either that or they'll deny it and call you a liar.

    Either way, bad outcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
    When Bush left we were at 8 trillion debt. 5 years later we are at 17 trillion. It is mathematically impossible for Obama to have decreased deficit spending from the bush years, while doubling the debt at the same time.
    Well, I know I"m late to the party but the quoted statement is one of the more uninformed ones I've seen on this board.

    When Bush 'left office' on January 20,2009. Our national debt was 10,626,877,048,913.08

    Our national debt on the last day of the last fiscal year for which Bush signed a budget (September 30, 2009) was $11,909,829,003,511.75.

    These are both well above $8 trillion (oops, I originally posted billion). LOL

    [URL] dMonth=09&endDay=30&endYear=2009[/URL]

    And yes. Our debt was increasing by about 160 billion per month during Bush's last budget year. If we had simply flatlined at that rate of increase our debt would now be about 21 billion.

    (Edited for formatting)
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    I'm no happier with Obamacare than I was back in October.

    I man I know in the neighboring city has done very well for himself in the restaurant business. He would love to expand...but he can't...because if he does, it will put him over the maximum number of employees, and thus subject him to the expensive Obamacare insurance requirements. That would be cost-prohibitive. He showed me the won't pencil out. So rather than expanding (and providing new jobs), he's staying put. This is not fiction, it's a true story. I have to wonder, how many other business owners across the country, like him, would like to expand, but because of the AHCA, will not be able to afford to do so. I think that Obamacare, in spite of whatever good intentions its backers may have had, is a colossal disaster and a major inhibitor of economic growth.


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