San Antonio, shame you can look at one or two people in a crowd of hundreds or thousands and first use the word "typical". Typical denotes commonplace or occurring in high frequency. That is not typical, its a rarity. I have been at nealy 3 dozen TEA party rallies. My dear friend was at the famous rally (over year ago) where "fake" tea party members tried to carry signs and then were forced to leave. Thank God some enterprising citizen journalists (ID) exposed them as union thugs. However, since I have been stuck in (twice) and walked through 5 or 6 times the Occupy Wallstreet marches and rallies - its much more frequent and almost typical for socialists and communists to permeate these democrat grassroot groups. I guarantee most americans, given a choice, would run to the american loving TEA party rally than the lefts grass roots.

With all respect, I wonder how long it will before you realize who the adults are and who keeps making more messes? San Antonio, what could possibly be wrong with running the govt like you (hopefully) run your personal life. If not for your own well being and what is moral - but for your kids, grand kids?