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Thread: Tomlin bans entire team from ping pong -- ESPN Text Alert

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    I can see 2013's America's Game now. a whole 15 minutes devoted to Week 6's game playing crackdown!
    That's funny!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    Only if DD didn't dive in first and take out the table when they weren't looking.
    Not the table ... just it's legs.

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    Dagnabit? I was really looking forward to watching the Steelers win the Las Vegas Team Open 9 ball chanpionship this year. You know you have to practice daily to stay sharp in pool.

    I just don't get this Tomlin guys priorities. No wonder this team is screwing up in football.

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    Some of my favorite responses to this from a thread on Reddit:

    He should really ban sucking ass.
    I think that would be much more helpful.
    Yep that is our problem. Mike Adams has played so much Ping Pong that he forgot how to block.
    Beatings will continue until morale improves.
    After this news, you be dumb to NOT bet on the Steelers winning the Super Bowl.
    Mike Tomlin to ban nap time, show and tell and recess, if loses [sic] continue.
    Man, this is worse than when Coach Kelly got rid of Taco Tuesdays.
    In addition he's also banned the team from playing football.
    And one of my favorites:

    Get ready for the big turnaround, people!
    Pittsburgh "Ping Pong" Steelers 2013-2014
    Can't smack us now because it's OUR turn to serve!
    [URL=""]Source[/URL] if anyone cares.
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Jeff Reed is wondering if he can play one last beer pong game for old times sake. He's willing to toss into the open end of the stadium.

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    Funniest thread of the year!!!


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