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Thread: can we really make the play offs?

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    can we really make the play offs?

    how many think we can actually turn the corner, and win our division?

    Cleveland is Cleveland....

    Cincy good but really?... they keep catching breaks, like that fumble vs green bay, their luck has to run out.

    baltimore... they win but nothing really special... they lost to buffalo

    we beat the jets

    clev loses to detroit

    baltimore loses to GB

    ciny gets upset by buffalo

    we are 3 games out and play cleveland and play baltimore 2x.

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    Jim mora quotes in 3.....2.....1.....

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    i got us penciled in for 12-4

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    During the bye week, I kept saying "well, at least we can't lose this week!"

    Well, guess what...with Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Cleveland all winning...we still lost last week.

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    Forget playoffs..I'm looking for a win and then consistency for a second win after that.....
    I'm praying....

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    It's about momentum.

    If the Steelers can string a couple of wins together, particularly against division opponants, who knows?

    The Steelers are not a 0-4 team, talent-wise, and a few breaks their way, a couple of big plays, a bit of momentum...can turn things around.

    Will it happen? Maybe not enough to get to the playoffs. But Chadman still expects at least 7 wins.
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    Umm.. up until the last week or so ago I would have said hell no. I've been very disappointed with the FO on the off season/early season personnel moves. In the last week or so, I can actually say I've been somewhat pleased with their recent signings. So far, Velasco has been solid. At least they have made an attempt to address the LT concerns with bringing in Levi Brown. I saw on another thread where they are also looking at bringing back will allen.

    I think the cards are stacked against them but it looks like they are taking steps in the right direction..which is a first in my opinion for quite a few months.

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    NO ONE is saying we are in the playoff hunt! But it IS nice, that (despite a putrid start to the season) that we still are in yelling distance of the leaders. It makes watching the games that much more worthwhile.

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    The chances of the Steelers making the playoffs is the same as Mr. Blutarsky's grade point average - 0.0

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    The chances of the Steelers making the playoffs are about the same odds that Mr. Blutarsky had of becoming a US Senator...


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