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Thread: Allen Benched for Willie Gay?

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    Allen Benched for Willie Gay?

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    Nice writeup on Colon. He had his difficulties but I am happy for the guy that he is finally getting it together.

    As far as the changes go...

    Allen out - Gay in
    Hood out - Hayward in
    Adams out - Brown or Beachum in

    Don't think that it will be a huge difference, but at least they are making their changes.

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    Hey... for all the guys who were hatin' on Willie Gay before the season... it's about time you boys start eatin some crow lol..

    Seriously though, Gay had his struggles in Pittsburgh, and at times, I was a hater lol...
    His last year here (under Lake) he was pretty solid, and he is continuing at that level this year. Good offseason pick up.

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    He's played decent but do you seriously want him covering teams #2 WR?

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    I think he's done that quite a bit already (with allen being injured) and has played at a pretty high level. I'm not saying to put Allen on the shelf...but a little competition from within (and a few "Shake ups" in the lineup) is just what the steelers need right now.

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    Allen played 1 game coming back from injury.
    Hood has played like a dog for 3 seasons now.

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    cowher benched ike after some bad performances. and that worked out in the long run.

    tez was awful last week. and gay has been better. good to send the message and push allen to work. allen has the most raw talent as a corner as any player we've ever had. we just need to get him focused. i still think he's got the capability to be way better than ike in the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    Bench? Not hardly. Gay filled in for Cortez while he was out nursing his injury and did well. Last week Allen was not up to par. The article said that Gay took snaps at CB while Allen was in all the slot packages. Either way both players if healthy will be on the field. But I doubt that when Allen is 100% he would not be the starting CB.

    But frankly, it really does not make much difference. The secondary is the absolute least of this teams problems.


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