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Now? LeBeau? Nothing exotic, nothing to make a QB go "Oh s**t".

I can't see how Ziggy Hood and his titty dance pass rush served more purpose, than using Cam Heyward as a rush end on obvious passing downs the last 3 years.

Just like Worilds when he showed up, why Aaron Smith on obvious pass situations wasn't removed, and the fresher and faster Worilds wasn't at rush end? Ask LeBeau.

This isn't rocket science. LeBeau just doesn't have the desire to put guys in limited, and successful roles early like Capers did.
How is Worilds doing NOW, with his shot at starting? He stinks. I will make a gentleman's bet with you (one that I'd be happy to lose BTW): I bet that Heyward isn't some wunderkind who was made to linger behind Hood. He may be a marginal upgrade (which I welcome), but you people who make it sound like Lebeau makes All-Pros sit and waste away. Where is the proof of that?