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We have serious salary cap issues, and Cortez Allen has been deemed a future star by many on this forum (under the Lake Effect). We can't keep everybody. And please... PLEASE... stop with the Max Starks nonsense. He was so bad, that he couldn't make scrub teams like SD and STL. He's toast.

As for Heyward, my honest opinion is that he'll be a marginal upgrade at best. But I really like the move, because it signals a level of accountability that has not been there this whole time. Hood hasn't just started not producing. He's been a nobody for years. But rather than hold him accountable, we let him linger as a "starting DE" in this defense. He should've been gone a long time ago, if we are to be honest.

Go get'em Cam.
I agree on Starks this year but it seemed like we wanted nothing to do with him for the last few years even though he was our best option.