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Thread: Cant See Us Beating the Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelz09 View Post
    We won't beat the Jets if Ben continues his "turnover machine" performances. He needs to play better overall. If he continues his reckless ball security, I'd sit him to prove a point.
    I replied to this comment in another post but erased it since it fit better here. I said" Is steelz09 the only one watching any of these games?"

    Since the recent streak of almost not winning any games in a year [2-9 with one of the wins vs Cle where they played for their draft position] has no one noticed just about every game was lost with either a drive ending INT, or an INT leading to the other teams game winning points. A few times a fumble was used as a substitute turnover instead of an INT.

    Maybe this bad script ends this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 UP View Post
    Im not trying to sound overly negative. But the Jets front 7 looked mean last night. The Falcons could get anything going in terms of run game. Im just not sure how we block that front with our O Line. Maybe Levi will make a difference.
    Yea, the Jets played a pretty good game against Atlanta. They have some quality players in their front 7. The ILB David Harris is tough. I clearly remember someone hyping him for the draft years ago. Just like a couple years ago on the board Bobby Wagner was being hyped. He is also supposed to be playing lights out for Seattle.

    steelz09 pointed out in another thread that TS have had over 10 years to replace Larry Foote and/or James Farrior. Haven't been able to do it. Probably one of the main reasons TS are 29th in rush defense this year.


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