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It's another BS article from the same group. I've posted this before but here it goes again:

Again, Cowher had 3 players (one of which missed the entire SB season) and a couple of offensive players. 99% of which would be gone by this time in Tomlin's tenure. Cowher restocked the entire defense but those guys. Tomlin didn't restock anything. He had almost the EXACT same team as the SB team under Cowher. He replaced 3 people. Cowher replaced 8 just on the defense. The SB team of 95 was NOT stocked with Noll's talent. It just wasn't. 5 players no matter how good they are doesn't represent a full cupboard.

Just to see how silly this is here is the starting lineup for the 95 SB:

O'Donnell: Rookie in Noll's last year.
Pegram- FA picked up by Cowher
Williams- FA picked up by Cowher
Mills- Rookie during Noll's last season. Had 3 receptions.
Thigpen- Noll
Bruener- Cowher
Jackson- Noll
Newberry- FA picked up by Cowher
Dawson- Noll
Stai- Cowher
Searcy- Cowher
Buckner- Cowher
Steed- Cowher
Seals- FA by Cowher
Greene- FA by Cowher
Kirkland- Cowher
Brown- Cowher
Lloyd- Noll
Williams- Cowher
Lake- Noll
Bell- Cowher
Perry- Cowher

Woodson played some in the SB but was lost for the entire year. So 7 players, 2 of whom were rookies in Noll's last year, are the great "cupboard" that was left Cowher? Tomlin had 8 in his 5th year just on defense ALONE. Sorry, I don't see how anyone can say Cowher was left with a lot of talent. He had 3 really good defensive players and a couple of good OL. He had to replace 3 OL, ALL the RBs, ALL the DL, ALL but one of the LBers, and most of the CBs. It isn't even close to what Tomlin had.
The point isn't how much or how little each coach had...

Did Tomlin inherit more players? Sure...he also accomplished more in his first six seasons with "inherited players" than Cowher did...

The similarity lies in what happened after the "inherited players" started to depart...the results have been similiar with both coaches...

If you are saying that Cowher "restocked the cupboard" with his own players during those first six seasons, that makes him look EVEN WORSE during the three year playoff absence...