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Thread: Metropolitan Divison?

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    Metropolitan Divison?

    What's with the new divisions? Anyone know how this new structure impacts the playoffs/seeding?

    It's kinda a weird split in the East. I like the relative proximity of everyone in the Metro division, but the Atlantic division is all over the place and half the teams aren't even on the coast. Wonder why they put all the teams in the mid east in one division and the other spread out teams in the other division?

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    Also thought it might be interesting if the NHL, NFL, and MLB got together and tried to create similar divisions to create rival cities. For example, it'd be cool if the AFCN stayed the same, the Pirates were in a division with the Reds, Indians, and Orioles, and the Pens were in a division with.....fudge I dunno, Cleveland, Cincy, and Baltimore don't have hockey teams.

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    I think the new structure definitely helps out a team like the Blue Jackets. Columbus is always going to be a football town, so I don't expect the Blue Jackets to ever be the talk of the town, but the new "rivalry" with Pittsburgh should help attendance and bring some excitement to Nationwide Arena.
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