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Thread: Discovery special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk View Post
    Thank you. It had to play a factor. Why do you think the Vikings came so much earlier?

    Even in the US the experts talk about how hard it is (for example) for the 9ers to play in New York due to the travel and time change.

    I have traveled to London, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Dusseldorf. And the time change wipes me out the next day, everytime. You can't tell me out of 55 players that it didn't have some effect.
    Its crazy to say it had no impact...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starlifter View Post
    watch the special. when you see our team laying on the floor before practice in london with their heads on their duffel bags trying to grab a 30 minute cat nap - hard to say it wasn't a factor. as a said above, was it THE reason? no, it wasn't. but in a game full of reasons why they lost - I still believe that was significant. ryan clark was practically giddy when he discovered that with the bus ride he could get almost a FULL HOUR of sleep.

    so much for normalcy.
    They probably shoulda just flown on Saturday night and save on hotel rooms. It wouldn't have made any difference.

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    I've only flown as far as Vegas. It's not the time change that gets me.

    It the 14 hours of traveling (packing/ to and from the airport, unpacking) that has me drained the next day. In a day or two I adjust.

    Not sure why they would want to leave so close to game time
    It was foolish to do that. Now who's fault it was is another question. But the vikes owner is t why about spending money.


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