thoroughly enjoyed it. was nice to see that kind of access to the steelers. makes me crave their participation in hard knocks even more. if they agreed to this, who knows?

now about the steelers specifically.

Tomlin craves normalcy. so he practices the team on thursday, puts them on an airline to fly all night and land in london at 8 am (4am eastern), jump on a train, get to the practice field and immediately begin another practice.

yeah, that's normal.

I fly for a living. it's a myth you can sleep on an airplane. it's a bigger myth you conquer jet lag faster by staying up as long as possible. If we wanted to keep normal, simply never try to adjust. stay on east coast time the entire trip. hell, the game was at 1pm eastern.

leave thursday at noon. get to london at 7pm eastern. go to the hotel for a pre arranged dinner. go to bed normal eastern time. who cares if it's 5pm in the UK? put up some room darkening shades. wake up at a normal hour. practice under the lights in the am. don't try to shift.

tomlin can say his travel plans weren't a factor. they were. now, would we have won otherwise? doubt it. it was just one of many many factors that contributed to the overall suckage observed this year.

still, the show was good.