Not really sure there is, but anyway here are some stats from to mull over.

Rushing D is giving up 122.8 ypg that is 29th in the league.

Teams have rushed 129 times that is the most of any team.

Meanwhile, teams have only passed 120 times. Only 3 other teams have been passed on less. [Interesting. Teams prefer to win with the run]

Pass D is giving up 199.0 ypg that is 6th best in the league.

Teams are converting 3rd downs 38% of the time. That is 18th best in the league. [Not so good should be able to improve that easily]

Stats sometimes are just meaningless #'s on a page. But not always.

In the 1st game vs Ten they clinched the game with a 49yd drive. Just about every play was a run. It ate the clock and the TD put the game just about out of reach. I worried that this could be real bad news for the future. Hopefully, it won't be.

While everyone has their head in the sand and the missing run D is not being discussed I have no idea.

But despite all this negative evidence, the future to me looks bright. Now I know, this sounds like I am making Koolaid drinkers sound like a doom and gloomers, but the reason is simple. In both the rush D and the Pass D the team is ranked competitively in the avg yards per play in both categories. Rush 3.8 10th best. Pass 6.8 10th best

But for some reason the D line is carrying that occupy blockers crap to extreme proportions. I must have read that a thousand times. It is of course true so the LB's are free to make the tackles. But never before, that I can remember, has the D line never even made any attempt to at least penetrate somewhat to neutralize the other O line. I don't get it. Can anyone explain? This is killing the team.