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    Hard to rush the passer when your team's behind all game. JJ's doing fine. He's definitely had some really nice plays vs the run, and has a few tackles for loss. Not sure how the "hurry" stat is calculated, but I remember a few specific instances where the QB threw it away a JJ was beating down on him.He's the least of my worries

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelfin View Post

    Let me just throw this out...I have no facts just a possible theory...What if we are playing more 1 gap on the DL to compensate for our lack of pressure from the OLs? The DL pick a side and pressure the QB. Perhaps it is leading to more QB hurries on passing downs but opening large running lanes at the same time...I don't know...just a thought. I recall someone saying the DL was going to play a more attack style defense this year to help get pressure instead of the standard occupying blockers in a 2 gap system...
    I think this is absolutely what's happening. It's creating more lanes. Linemen are getting to our LBs. And no one seems to be able to tackle. And we've got 4 sacks and no turnovers to show for it. I dunno if it's the talent on D or Lebeau's new system or a combination of both? I think it's the DLine and have been just as concerned about this unit as our OLine to start the season.


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