Back to the JJ discussion...

I don't think anyone is calling JJ a bust at this point. People should be able to discuss aspects of a players game (both good and bad) without being labeled a hater or the assumption of being a bust. Some of you need to chill...

I also don't think that people are forgetting that football is a team sport or that rushing the QB is a 1 man job. Obviously the play of the of the DL, the play of the LBs and the play of the DBs (10 yard custion, etc) have an impact on the play of the positions individually as well as the defense collectively...but it still comes down to each man doing their job.

Let's take some of the theories why JJ has under-performed when rushing the QB. The DL is not playing well enough to collapse the pocket in the middle resulting in the QB stepping up to elude the outside rush...I am sure that this happens at times and is a viable argument. However wouldn't we have to assume that this issue would have an impact on both the left and right side?

QB Hurries / Pressures through 4 games - Stats from PFF (for whatever its worth)

Woodley - 10 Hurries and 3 Sacks
JJ - 1 Hurry and 0 sacks
Worilds - I dont recall exactly (2 or 3 hurries and no sacks)

JJ was drafted to pressure the QB...plain and simple. Up to this point he has not being doing that. I don't even recall a sack in the preseason. He is a young player and will get better with time...but right now he is not getting it done in this category regardless of the play from other units on the Defense.