I'm praying to God that Levi Brown is the answer. At 29 years of age, he has some tread left on the tires. Plus he's out of Penn State, and I think there is some kinda karma that goes along with having Staters on the team that coinside with Superbowls, if I'm not mistaken.

All superstition aside, I would rather take a stud NT. I like Mcclendon more as a DE opposite Heyward. Get rid of Hood. Have Fangupo back up the Rookie and still have Keisel there as a backup with great leadership. Then a shutdown CB in round 2. Ike will be 34 next year. And while he can still play, this team blew it with letting Keenan Lewis go. A CB in the first 2 rounds is a must next year. I like the LB core we have right now. They need a little help upfront and at CB. I think Troy has some good years left. Not so sure about Clark, though(35yrs old next year). I feel like Golden and Thomas are nice prospects. Don't know if either can replace Clark, though. If not, then we need to address that position in the draft as well.

As for the offense, I would like to see Pouncey take the LG position so that the offensive line would be Brown-Pouncey-Velasco-DDC- and whoever wins the RT spot between Adams,Gilbert,Foster and Beachum. I think we have a winner in Bell at RB. Nice depth with Dwyer and Felix Jones right now. Look to add better depth in the draft. I'm a little sceptical about the WR group. I like Antonio Brown. I like Derek Moye(wish they would play him more). I think Wheaton will be nice. I don't see Sanders or Cotchery in a Steeler uniform next year. I liked those two dudes we picked up this past draft. I think there last names were Woods and Brown. Could use a nice gold nugget find at TE in the draft next year as well.

Just curious how the smarter posters on this site feel about some of these comments.