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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2013 Week 4 @ Vikings

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    Redundant Thoughts 2013 Week 4 @ Vikings

    1. So did the team come back to the States or did we trade them for a set of those bitchin’ bearskin hats?

    They see me rollin …
    2. 0-4. Wow. That certainly is awful. Tears me apart. I may never reco – oh look … shiny!

    3. Eminem doing his "Mike Tomlin on the sidelines" impersonation:

    He would do as fine a job of “coaching”, I fear … and with more profanity!

    4. It’s not enough for this team to crap itself on national television here in the States - they have to go over to England and embarrass themselves there as well.

    5. And that national anthem. I enjoyed listening to that …. Of course, I also enjoy setting my hair on fire and putting it out with a brick. What the heck was the NFL office thinking? I mean, how about those limeys? … I see them sitting around, eating steak and kidney pie or something and the phone rings … Prince Charles says, “Oh, hello Roger Goodell. … you want to come over? And do what? Football? You mean YOUR football? Uh … sure … I guess that would be cool? Are you sending someone cool? Brady? Manning? The Giants? … it IS one of the teams from the coasts of the U.S. right? … yeah? ... What the hell is a minnesoda? The Steelers? … but they suck!

    6. And then the British buy the place out anyway because … well hey, a crappy Steelers team is STILL a Steelers team right? … And we add insult to injury by putting Gene Simmons up there to sing OUR national anthem … he (with the aid of our military) was butchering a perfectly good English drinking song …

    7. And then that broad completely screwed up the words to “My Country ‘tis of Thee”

    Some jokes NEVER get old!

    8. In lieu of turnovers the football gods give the Steelers a gift in starting Matt Cassel … Of course it didn’t help. Nothing can help this team.

    9. Oh, but hey … they were in the game / they scored some points / we have every reason to be optimistic, right? Hold on a sec, let me turn up the volume so everyone can hear your optimism:

    Ah! Gotcha ... see this is the internet and I was being sarcastic.

    10. The ref’s name is Clete? Is that sort for Cletus? Was he born in Arkansas or West Virginia?

    11. Impressive purple turnout … I had no idea the Vikes had that strong a fan base.

    12. I watch this defense and two words come to mind: slow and out-of-position/bad-angles …. That’s more like 8 words but close enough.

    13. Ha Simms and his color commentary! .... Did you see “Mike Tomlin, furious on the Pittsburgh sideline” after the first Vikes TD? … yeah, he was lighting them up … it looked like he was chewing out that towel boy something fierce!

    This is what awesome coaching looks like.

    14. Watching this game it seemed like there were far too many “drought” stats for the Steelers ("It has been 240 plays since the Steelers haven't looked feeble on offense, Jim."). It was either a new drought stat for the offense or a new ineptitude stat for the defense. During that long 2nd quarter drive they flashed a stat that said the Steelers had 2 “goal to go” situations through the first three games.

    15. It would be pointless to say that the team looked better than they have in the first three games but honestly, what else are we going to talk about. The Steelers have an opponent that they COULD beat in Minnesota, they needed to look competent – and they did.

    16. But the thing that kills me is that at 0-3 the team’s big players need to make big plays. Result: Ike dropped two interceptions and Ben dropped the ball.

    17. I am just not all that upset anymore. I mean come on, Adrian Peterson is going to rip one off on a team like this, Jared Allen is going to get his sack(s) … it’s like I feel helpless. Imagine feeling helpless as a Steelers fan!

    18. The thing I saw way too much of in this game was the defenders standing in the Steelers backfield mere microseconds after the ball was snapped.

    19. Perspective: 2 "goal to go"s – one toward the end of the first half, the other toward the end of the game. The first ends with a sack, the second ends with a sack fumble. In both cases the Steelers are the victims. Do the optimists have a case? Only if you consider a Cassel-led vikings team and accurate barometer. Do the pessimists have a case? Well, of course we do! What kind of a silly question is that? Unless this team is playing the Jaguars the end result is not going to be much different.

    As a public service to my Steelers breathren I offer this gif summation of the rest of the Steelers 2013 season:

    You have to guess which one is the dog and which one is the kid.
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