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It is indeed equal opportunity bashing. I'm not owner, GM or coach...just an irritated fan. I will express my frustration by asking for the heads of those in charge. I will question the decision making. That is my right as a paying fan who supports his team in many ways including financially.

As for Tomlin, you state its all the same Tomlin and Cowher. But, Cowher inherited an underperforming lack luster Noll team that hadn't done squat in years. Cowher recognized the need for a fresh start...in one year with his own staff completely turned the franchise around. Tomlin inherited a SB winning team...with SB winning players coached by SB winning assistant coaches. And it's the same? I'm just supposed to believe Tomlin was a big part of that? Nah, not buying it. Certainly don't see the similarity. Tomlin went along for the ride, didn't make changes and inherited a SB team. I believe I could have coached them to another SB.
Tomlin has a SB win and another appearance... and he his winning percentage was pretty impressive before this 0-4 start. If Tomlin went along for the ride he did a pretty good job IMO.

Time should tell if he has it in him to right the ship. You make it sound like Tomlin squandered Cowher's "team" once he took over.

Cowher didn't even make the playoff's in 2006. What has he done to prove he has any fire or hunger left? He had a chance for back to backs and he mailed it in.