I hope none of you get mad at me when I say this, but, Im a Browns fan! Heres the good news, I married a beautiful woman who's a steelers fan! Big Ben I really like as a qb, he's a winner and a top 5 qb. But as my wife and I talked about the steelers, weve come to the conclusion that, Tomlin doesnt seem like that good of a coach to us. Theyve missed on drafting offensive linemen to protect Ben, lerts face it the poor guys been battered and bruised the last few years by an inept offensive line. He's not gonna make plays when he's counting clouds all day. I dont exactly hate the steelers and I dont like them either, but I have a respect for the fans of pittsburgh! when art moved the browns, you guys stood by our sides and helped us get our team back! I appreciate that more than you'll ever know, we may have sucked a big fat one since our return, but hopefully with us getting better the rivalry between us will get back to being the greatest in football like it was for so many years. ill definetley say this, Tomlin needs to regroup and get back to steeler football by running the ball and playing smash mouth football, and playing that hard nosed defense that theyre know for. Bens always been more effective with the play action fake, but the lack of a running game has hurt them. Im hoping they get it straightened out, so when we play there will be no excuses from either side when they play each other later on. I wont pick a winner but ill be rooting for the browns, and my wife will be going with the steelers. Its always fun at my house when the two play each other. God bless everyone and again thanks a bunch!