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What's pathetic Lemming is you call out Brown, and you never called out your favorite QB when he did the same things.

You never craved "balance" on offense when your favorite QB was on the field like you do now with the 2 time SB winner. You wanted Kordell to be the man, run the show.


We both know why, but you don't have the guts to say why.
Crash, you crack me up.

I always believe in balance.
Why am I going to complain about balance when WE ARE BALANCED? I never called for ANY QB to throw 40 times a game. Had KS tried to do that it would be a disaster. If Kordell was breaking team pass attempt records and and our record tanked as it would I would that would be a problem. It never happened so why would I complain that we passed too much?

You are pathetic dude, keep making stuff up and imagine you are making a point.