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Thread: Take It With A Grain Of Salt...

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    Take It With A Grain Of Salt...

    PFF gave positive grades to only two Steeler defenders: Cameron Heyward (+1.9) and Ike Taylor (+1....

    More offensive players received positive, led by (shockingly) David Johnson (+4.2)...Heath Miller and Antonio Brown were both at +2.7...

    Big losers?

    Mike Adams (-3.9) and Vince Williams (-4.2)...


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    People have been dogging David J but he's really one of the bright spots.

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    Heyward has outplayed Hood. I think its time for Cam to take over for Ziggy on a full time basis.

    Ike has been great this season. Now if he could just catch.

    Vince Williams has been awful. I know hes a rookie. But he needs to get better in a hurry.

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    The issue with V. Williams is that his back up is a guy who was a Insurance claims adjuster last season - Kion Wilson. There's NO alternative. Have to let him take his licks and pray.
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    D@mn. I was gonna start a Mike Adams, "predict his PFF score this week" thread. You stole my thunder! :P

    In regards to Vince Williams, I have one question: Do the staff have high hopes for this guy? If not, start calling guys. Call Urlacher. See how he feels. As for Heyward/Hood, I'm all for Heyward starting. I don't think it will make a difference, but ACCOUNTABILITY must occur.

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    Glad to see DJ finally getting his due. I was starting to think I was crazy seeing potential in the guy, but he's really turned out to be a nice blocker and receiver. He was definitely a bright spot in yesterday's tragedy.

    I'm also liking how Heyward is coming along and think he deserves to start. On the DLine, I'd dress Fangupo to see what he can do. And I'd also bump Arnfelt up off the PS to get him some snaps before Keisel is gone.

    Williams has played poorly thus far, but I still think the kid has potential and can pan out in time with some more experience. At 0-4, I can live with his mistakes for now to get him some experience. I think it'll pan out for us in the long run.

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    Heyward doesn't start because he is Keisels back up.

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    I know, let Heyward start on the other side and Hood can be Kiesel's backup. BTW, I agree on Fangupo. I seems clear we need a bigger body in there if we want to stop the run.
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    Put Fangupo and Al Woods at NT...

    Use McClendon at DE and rotate a little more frequently at least...


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