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It's no coincidence that this team keeps getting expontentially worse and worse as it becomes more Tomin's team and less of Cowhers due to age/FA/retiring. It's unacceptable and it's not a 1 or 2 game slide. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time. It's not like Tomlin is having trouble replacing 1 or 2 players. That's would be completely understandable.

People can either look at those facts and ongoing trends (compare Tomlin's replacements with the players he inherited) or just continue to bury their head in the sand. It's obvious who is impressed with Coach Cliche and who can see past the BS.

Or the 5 years of success we have had under him resulted in us picking late in every round of the draft and not getting the premier talent at critical position we needed. But that is on Colbert. Drafting both Ziggy and Heyward in Round 1 was a mistake if we were staying with the 3-4. IMO drafting Jarvis Jones in Round 1 may turn out to be less than spectatcular. Love his energy and attitude but what has he done yet after 4 games?

The reality is 75% of the owners in this league would take Tomlin in a millisecond if the Rooney's were stupid enough to fire him. They aren't that stupid so pace yourself because you will have many more years to post your anti-Tomlin feelings.