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I would take either pick but I'd still fire Tomlin and I'd ask Lebeau to "retire" (i.e. retire by his own choice or be "retired" by the Steelers FO). Tomlin has proven to me that he isn't HC material outside of being Coach Cliche.

He had poor coaching decisions early in his career but it was masked by a VERY good assembled. He had very good leadership in Hines & Farrior. Leadership is gone.... The very good team is now an average team and an average team looks ill prepared and is performing way below average. The drop from good/average to WAY below average is the unacceptable part and that falls on the coaching. That is when coaches get fired.
You can have Clowney. I don't want him. He's up for the biggest pay day of his life and he's winded by half time every game of the season? wtf is that all about.
give me a LT worth something and then in the second take a nose tackle that will actually hold hte point of attack.
and for the love of god I hope you morons don't get your way and Lebeau walks away. We'll end up with another Tim Lewis