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Thread: Fans Should Boycott

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    Fans Should Boycott

    For the rest of the Steeler home games this season, the fans should stay home to show their displeasure. OK, maybe that's extreme, but how about waiting until the end of the 1st quarter to enter the gates?

    There's no other way for fans to be heard than to not show up for a game. Let the Rooney's know the current team's performance isn't acceptable. How awesome would it be to watch the Steelers on TV and see and empty Heinz Field?

    Seriously, the NFL rapes the city to use tax dollars to build their stadium and they should owe it to the local fans to at least put a competitive product on the field.

    Or if you just can't stay away cause you love it too much, how bout wearing your McCutchen or Crosby jerseys to the rest of the games this season. It would be totally awesome if all the fans showed up in all Pirates or Pens gear to the rest of the Steelers games.

    C'Mon fellars. Boycott for the rest of us. I'd do it if I had tickets Just go tailgate during the game. You'll probably have more fun that way anyways.

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    I'm surprised to read this from you Flippy. We're spoiled as fans. We have more rings than any team in the league. We've been very successful under Tomlin overall. And you're talking boycotting already?

    Put some things into perspective and imagine trying to continue being a fan of the Browns. The Bungles. The Redskins here in D.C. where I live. Fans get angry but boycotting after the first 0-4 season since 1968 seems a little overreactionary.

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    flippy you arent just a bit fair weathered are you!!!! bet u were the 1st one in the stadium when they were winning.....they spent a bunch of money to keep a core group of players together to try and win as many superbowls as possible,because they finally had a great qb to do so,and now there old,,bet u didnt bitch when they were winning them!!!!!take the GREAT with the bad my friend or your not STEELERS fan to me!!!

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    @ Eich This!!! It's like saying,everyone stop buying gas for one day and prices will come down....not going to happen and neither is a boycott

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    lol this message board has officially gone off the deep end.

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    I'm just rolling with the board sentiment. It's been suggested that we fire, cut, or trade every last member of the team. Fire the GM. Fire the Coach. Fire the assistants. Trade Ben. Let go of the old guys and their overpaid salaries like Troy, Ike, Clark, Timmons, Woodley, etc. Replace the OLine. Replace the DLine. Painly, just start over.

    The only guy that's gone unscathed thus far is Heath. The collective intelligence of Steeler Nation is to get rid of everyone except Miller.

    If everyone wants to blow this team up, why not just boycott? Seems like the logical conclusion to me I'm just going overboard to bring some sense back to Steeler Nation.

    PS. If yinz all boycott, I'd gladly take someone's tickets and show up to the game. How cool would it be to be the only guy in Heinz Field? I can tell you from experience of sneaking out onto the field during a thunder storm/game delay, it's pretty friggin awesome!!!!!

    12-4 baby!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by buccoray61 View Post
    @ Eich This!!! It's like saying,everyone stop buying gas for one day and prices will come down....not going to happen and neither is a boycott
    Not true...if no one bought gas for a few days the supply would be enormous...Gas would go down some but, not a lot....

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    I will not buy any gear tell they improve and make some changes for the better...Was going to spend like
    $300.00 in gear two weeks ago... I'm waiting now....

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    To show my support for the 'Flippy Initiative'; I promise not to watch the Steelers next Sunday.

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    I mean fans dumped hundreds to thousands of dollars into their favorite teams bank accounts every year. Shouldn't they have some right to be upset? I suppose not according to some.
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