We rightly point to players like Mike Adams and Steve McLendon. Of course, they need to play better. Or be replaced.

But what about our highest-paid players? What is the team getting from them for the money they make?

Troy Polamalu makes $10 million per year...Ike Taylor over $9 million. They haven't been horrible out there, but for that kind of money, shouldn't you expect some kind of "splash" play now and then? When is the last time either of those guys really changed the course of a game in our favor?

LaMarr Woodley makes over $9 million a year. I know he has 3 sacks, and leads the team in that category...but again, when is the last time he really came up with a game-changing, difference-making play? He gets a pressure or a sack now and then, but disappears for long stretches of games.

Timmons, Clark, Keisel...all make over $4.5 million/year. For that money, shouldn't we expect something a little more than just "solid"?

Of course, on the offensive side of the ball, we have Ben, making over $13.5 million, looking to break the record for giveaways. And Heath Miller getting almost $8 million per. I'll give him a bit of a pass, since he's just sort of getting back into form--but for $8 million, shouldn't we expect a lot out of him?

All told, the players mentioned represent over $62 million in salary/year combined. Are any of them horrible? No. They are the best we have...but for the money they make, they've got to step it up.