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I'm sorry but this is a complete BS argument IMO and just another excuse. Can you really say objectively that this team lacks so much talent that 0-4 is acceptable? The Jaguars lack talent. The same goes for the Giants. The Giants and Steelers are very similar this year. They both have some talent on defense. They both have a franchise QB. They both have some talent at WR. They are a combined 0-8 which is incredible. It's no more acceptable for the Giants to be 0-4 as it is the Steelers.

From a record standpoint, we are no better or worse than the Jaguars. The Jaguars! I'm sorry but we have more talent than several teams. I'm not saying we have talent to win a SB (obviously) but we are not bottom of the barrel from a talent perspective. However, our record is bottom of the barrel and worst in the league.... along with the Giants and the Jaguars. That clearly falls on player execution and coaching. I think we need some more talent (particularly o-line) but talent is not the #1 issue.
I would propose that we are ... at the O-line position (along with the Giants who have the same problem). It's not a coincidence that the teams that have been to the SB most in the past 6 years or so are now the ones suffering the most. Add bad drafting/bad luck - and it's easy to see why we are why we are.

Chuck Noll as HC, with Lombardi as DC and Landry as OC, could not do much better (if any) with this team. I can't see how anyone can blame the coaches, at least for our offense, after seeing Adams spaz out on the field yesterday. "The Adams Head Duck" - his contribution to the NFL.

IMO, the people with the money who chose our draft picks are the ones to blame. But maybe not either ... remember we wanted to keep our team together, "for one more run"? Well that cost us good money, and now we are where we are. Was it worth the gamble? Well, at the time, it probably was a supportable strategy.

But it didn't pan out, we don't have that 7th ring, the window has closed, and we are what we are for a few years. So be it.