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Our line was as big an issue as it was last year! So adding him isn't going to fix anything, realistically.
The line was a big issue last year, but IMO Starks was the best lineman we had, especially taking into account that he mans the toughest OL position.

This year it was above and beyond horrible. A QB should not be immediately under pressure as soon as he gets the ball more often than not. This is the reality of our OL.

Adams reminds me of a story that I heard on the radio recently. I forgot who told it, but it was a OG from Notre Dame who played in the NFL as well, and played during the Lou Holtz era (by the way, it is the guard telling the story)...

So, one day in practice, this OG lets (IIRC) Oliver Gibson through into the backfield and he drops (IIRC again) Dorsey Levens for a big loss. Holtz is furious and orders the guard off of the field. He then shouts down from his perch to run the exact same play again but this time with no LG. The tackle doesn't know what to do, so he moves over closer to the C to fill the gap, but Holtz tells him to move back to his natural spot as if there was still a guard there. So, they run the same play, and of course Gibson breaks through the opening again, and drops Levens for a big loss again. So, Holtz comes down to the field, storms up to the guard and says something like "see, when you play like that it doesn't make a difference whether you are on the field or not."

To make a long story short...that is how I feel watching Adams on most plays. Anybody out there has to be better than playing with 4. He is still young and he might be able to show improvement, but to me I still see a RT skillset and can't see the potential to improve his footwork and quickness to be able to handle the best pass rushers in the league, week after week.