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    Today was "was one of the worst displays by a Steelers Left Tackle" in the last three weeks... let alone team history. FORGET #3 on your list. It simply cannot be an option. ADAMS MUST BE BENCHED. His (PFF) grades the last three weeks are as follows: -5.1, -3.0, -??. If we are going "turn over stones", and "chew on this", and whatever else fn maddening quote Tomlin wants to throw out... You have to hold the worst player on the field accountable (which Adams has been every week so far).

    I agree Adams has sucked I don't think anyone could deny that. But I would stay away from PFF grades.

    Unless you think Ike Taylor has played pretty bad. I saw PFF grades for Ike recently, Against the Bengals he had a -2.

    Its a fundamentally flawed system.

    However, It takes no genious to figure out Adams sucks
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