Alright folks. I think today was one of the worst displays by a Steelers Left Tackle in team history. With that being said, I haven't lost hope that Adams one day might make a serviceable RT. For now, he looked lost out there... out "Techniqued", and overpowered.
The question is, what other options do we have at this point?

1.) Move Beacham to LT and sit Adams?
2.) Swap Gilbert and Adams?
3.) Let Adams continue to start at LT and hope he develops?
4.) Bring a kid up from the practice squad to get some reps? I watched the Long kid some in pre-season. Got beat on some plays, but looks to have some potential. Might be an opportunity to develop a "Diamond in the rough". One thing's for sure, LT play can't get any worse.

I think it's obvious that the Steelers nation wants the best LT available in the 2014 draft. Until then, what is the most viable option/s?