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I understand all that. Just saying he was wide open on the called route and not on the backyard football route. QB throws the F'n ball on the called route then it is an easy completion and the chains keep moving. Maybe Ben's adlib BS is part of the issue here where the WR and him look to not be on the same page.
This. All day long this. Don't get me wrong, I love Ben's ability to improvise, but eventually it's going to get him killed (and we're going to lose a lot of games in the process) if that's the ONLY trick in his bag. I don't know if his indecision is real or imagined, but the last few games he's simply not throwing in rhythm and hitting guys in stride. At least not consistently. He's double clutching and second guessing. He's never been much of a rhythm passer IMO, but I think that was the intent when they brought Haley in... to make him one. I don't want the improv to disappear, but it would sure be nice to not hold my breath every single time he drops back. Would be even nicer to see them convert 3rd and 4-8 more consistently on short timing routes. Maybe it's the receivers not getting separation, I don't know, but I swear he still seems to pass up the open intermediate route, instead opting for the long incompletion. There were some plays this last game where you could just see the indecision in him. Like, visibly see him second guess himself. That's not a good trait in a veteran QB.