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Thread: "Adams is not expected on the field in the 2nd half"

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    "Adams is not expected on the field in the 2nd half"

    One of the TV guys said that as the 2nd half started. No reason given, I assumed everyone thought the coaches took him out because he sucked.

    Then, inexplicably to me, he's back on the field, AND sometimes not even with a helper on his side.

    I can't explain that, and I think it was a game losing decision IIRC that last drive.

    HOW could he be allowed to stay on the field? I am pretty much totally ignorant about OL schemes, but Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles' love child could have seen he needed to be OFF the field. He was laughably pathetic.

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    A decision made by the same guys who believed Issac Redman would function as a starting running back in the NFL.

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    The answer to our LT woes is clearly not on the roster, no matter what kind of shuffling we do. I also was curious why no TE or RB was helping Adams out on the left side. Especially after it was apparent Adams could not handle his duties. At the very least, have the 2nd guy chip him and sneak out into the flat for a dump off. This might give Adams time enough to recover from his pitiful punch and miss.

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    I was watching what I could on NFL Red Zone and I saw him out there. Only saw a few plays though.
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    Because fat73 got hurt and didn't return, they had no choice.


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