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Thread: Ben still getting no love from the Refs...

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    Ben still getting no love from the Refs...

    Twice in the game Ben gets roughed up & no flag from the Ref. The first is right after the interception where Ben get drilled from behind & knocked to the ground after the tackle is can see him jawing at the Ref who must be saying something to the effect that the defender didn't intend to (like when the Refs didn't flag Ngata when for breaking Ben's nose) or that he didn't see it. The second is on the final play of the game where the defender grabs Ben by the back of the collar (possible horse collar call) but then the LB clearly goes high grabbing Ben's head! Ben was still in the pocket & hadn't gone down so that is definitely a flag.

    I understand the idea to let them play & a desperate fan will cling to anything, but the guys had the Vikes on their heels with momentum & that sack ends the game & the Ref just swallows his whistle? That's just a bad job...
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    Throw the ball to the right guys... problem solved.


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