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nah.. Skyhawk is right... our D is soft and inept EVERY time we need a key stop. It's been going on for years.

3rd and throw out any number larger than 6 in must stop situation.. we fail every time.

This D puts up solid "stats" but teams have figured us out. Take the most average QB in the league and we make them look GOOD.
Show me a defense that makes key stops year in and year out. I believe people's expectations in regard to "key stops" may be a bit unrealistic.

The defense made stops vs the Vikings. The problem is that they gave up to many uncharacteristic big plays. The Vikings offense converted 4/11 3rd downs. Cincy converted 7/17 3rd downs, Tenn converted 6/15 third downs, Bears converted 5/15 third downs. The Steelers defense was 4th in the league in 3rd down conversion percentage at 35.44% in 2012. Denver was number one in 2012 at 31.33%. The defense didn't fail every time. Perception isn't always reality.

The number one goal of a defense is to limit point production. Turnovers, sack, and everything else can't be counted on to win games. If the defense can limit the opposition from scoring points then the team will always have a chance to win. The Steelers won games based on that philosophy for years.

Games don't boil down to what teams have or haven't figured out. Games boil down to execution.