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Thread: 1-3 Baby!!!!

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    1-3 Baby!!!!

    Let's get back in the right direction! Go Steelers!!!

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    Hopefully all this talk about the jet lag isn't an issue and we are going into our bye with a win.
    Don't Forget to bring a Towel

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    We will finish with a loosin record in the first quarter if the season but at leas we will end it with a win.

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    Let's do this mofos!!!!!

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    1 game at a time... 13-0 is still possible.

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    Well, looks like the Vikings want to be 1-3

    Nice ten yard cushion at work again but why question it
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    Don't see much improvement on either side of the ball. In fact, I think the offensive play the first 3 weeks has finally started to rub off on the defense.


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