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Thread: St LeBeau on Turnovers

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk View Post
    No, he is saying THE STEELERS play 10 yard cushions as their PRIMARY coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    I agree with MP, but I think there is more to it. The big problem is that the DL have not been able to occupy more than one blocker or even beat their man one-on-one. Thus, LBs have been unable to make the plays they should.
    Despite some marginal improvement, the DL isn't where it needs to be right now.
    When we had a great D, Keisel was the third best player on the line. Hampton could occupy two blockers, Smitty could as well, and collapse his side, and Keisel was a very nice piece. Today, at the age of 58 or so, Keisel is the best player on the line, yet he should not be as good as he once was. That right there should tell you a whole lot about what this D can or can't do.

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    Is McLendons ability to move a detriment to the run D? Seems like it leaves an offensive player free to take out another defender. Im almost thinking Fangupo is a better option and rotate McLendon in anywhere along the line. Is Fangupo large enough to consume two guys?
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