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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    If Velasco turns out to be a solid center for us, what do the Steelers do with Pouncey?

    Some have suggested that we move Pouncey to Guard. But, Guards historically don't get paid like Centers especially pro bowl centers. I can't imagine him being cool with that move.

    Another issue, if Pouncey stays at Center do we pay him as the highest paid Center in the NFL?

    My solution? Keep Velasco at Center, and use Pouncey as trade bait in the 2014 draft. I believe we could get a late first rounder for him.

    This team desperately needs a franchise LT, and Jake Matthews is that guy. We might be drafting high enough to get him, but if not bundling picks to move up makes sense especially if we trade Pouncey.

    I'm with you Shawn, I frankly think he walks anyway, he will be overrated by somebody, Jax or Miami to play with his bro.
    What is the center situation with the Jaguars?
    Just looked it up they are starting a FOURTEEN YEAR VET expected to retire. Perfect!!!!

    I want to emphasize I have no confidence he will sign with us long term ANYWAY and while he is GOOD he aint the Dermotti clone everyone thinks he is.

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