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Thread: Tomlin: "Itís going to be business as usual"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    Team lacks confidence... not sure this is the best way to instill it. I would maybe take the approach of quietly trying to coach up new leadership on the team from the young ones. Tomlin's got to pick his guy and go with it...
    Maybe Tomlin will unleash confidence this time. Or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elitestatusplease View Post
    Now look at Willie Colon shinning as a Jet. Just like Legursky and our other lineman on the Bills (name escapes me). What changed? No BEN
    That was Urbik. His release was premature in my estimation, probably the worst case of casting off young talent in recent memory. Maybe if St LeBeau was his coordinator, he would have been given time to develop!!
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    Deficiencies in the talent pool + coupled with aging veteran mistakes and general overall slowness = a soft Steeler team. Wish I could be more optimistic, but the sadness I express stems from the fact that I haven't seen a B&G team this vanilla in a very, very long time. It seems that regardless of the ineptitude we displayed in the past on offense, we always struck fear in the heart of our opponents with a smash mouth running game and a fierce defense. We need some pipe hitting ninjas.... because we haven't drafted them lately.


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